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Life Is A Long, Wonderful Journey.
Choose Your Travel Companions With Passion 

And Your Travel Agents With Knowledge

And Great Care

Meet the Prethers

Richard and Cindy Prether have traveled extensively.
 They through Holiday Tour & Travel have an undisputed reputation
for providing quality travel services. 
The agency was founded 30 years ago.


Lucinda (Cindy) J. Prether

and her husband, Richard, are the proprietors of the agency. Cindy has an associate degree in specialized business and a professional travel consultant graduate. Cindy has been in the travel business for nearly 27 years. She has been an employee or owner of Holiday Tour & Travel for her entire professional career. She is the President of Holiday.
      Cindy loves to travel and gets excited about even planning travel for others.  She gets excited when planning a trip for a client.

      She has traveled extensively in the United State and foreign countries.  Her two favorite trips are an African safari and an Azamara cruise from Monte Carlo to Rome.  Her trip to Costa Rica is another one of her favorite trips.She has traveled the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Russia, Europe.   She has cruised the Mediterranean, the Baltic, Caribbean seas, the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. She is quite familiar with all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.

        Holiday Tour & Travel's emergency telephone calls go to Cindy's cell phone around the clock. She gets calls and emails day and night from clients needing emergency assistance. Holiday covers its clients 24-7.

Take a look at some of the Prethers' Travel.


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Richard L. Prether

Is the Marketing Vice President. He is the web page editor of the agency website, and also editor of its Facebook and Twitter accounts.  He writes and produces brochures and other promotional materials

for the agency.

       He was the manager of public relations division of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau for more than three decades.  During that time period he was president of the Pennsylvania Public Relations Society. He was a newspaper reporter for Cox News. He was also a member of the Ohio State University Blue Pencil Club and the Ohio Press Club. 

      Richard attended Ohio State University and Wittenberg University.   He was a newsman for the Xenia Daily Gazette serving as its Sports Editor.  Later he was a general and legislative reporter for a Cox News newspaper.  He also served as the assistant information director for the Ohio Farm Bureau managing their radio program, working with news media and  writing for its publications.



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