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Why Use Travel Agent?

With the internet readily available, we are often asked:  "Why should I use a travel agent when I can research and book travel myself online?" The answer is very simple. 


Save Time

Researching the best vacation that fits your style, needs and budget can take hours, if not days. Your time is valuable so we’ll do the research and advise you which travel plans fit your needs. We’ll narrow down the options so you can make the right choice. Just tell us hat you want included in your dream vacation, including your budget, travel dates and number of persons participating in the vacation adventure. We will research your ideas and plans with you.


Save Money

We have the latest reservation and sales systems, which can provide you with the best prices and availabilities.  We have strong relationships offering preferred status with the vendors that we use. For example we are members of Travel Leaders, which provides preferential treatment for our clients in a program called Distinctive Voyages. If you are fortunate to take one of this trips, you will have access to Services of a Concierge Host, a Bon Voyage Cocktail Reception and Exclusive Shore Events.  These relationships save you money and gives you special perks.


Personalized Service

We are good listeners.  We know what you expect and offer nothing but quality service. We eliminate unwanted surprises. We give you an emergency number to call us while you are on vacation, and one of the first calls you will receive when you return will us.  We want to know about your value on the trip after you return home.


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